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Dr. Katrina Martin

Curriculum Devloper

Bridges Learning System

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Katrina Martin, PhD is the founder and lead curriculum developer at Bridges Learning System. After years of working within and on behalf of the education system for disabled youth, Katrina believes that true education reform is paramount. She contends that now is the time to remove the antiquated paradigm of educating students through a medical model of neurotypical=normal and healthy and neurodivergent=atypical and needs remediation. In its place, we must institute a social justice model of education, supporting strengths and teaching the benefits and values inherent in diverse ways of thinking.

Discover Transdisciplinary Success Through the Neurodiversity Paradigm


Certification | 1hr

Reframing Social-Emotional Expectations in Autistic Children Using the Neurodiversity Paradigm


Certification | 1hr