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Ann Gray

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Ann Gray is a speech-language pathologist and social cognitive therapist with 20 years of experience consulting and working with students in local school districts and in private practice. As a certified autism specialist, Ann’s focus has been assessing and treating the social cognitive weaknesses of her clients as well as helping to build the capacity of educators and parents. Through her involvement with diverse groups of adolescents and young adults, she has developed and implements a peer intervention program based on the empirically supported approaches of cognitive behavioral therapy, and established peer intervention techniques. Ann completed the Social Thinking® Clinical Training Program in 2012 and has been using the methodology in concert with other therapeutic frameworks such as executive function coaching, and PEERS social skills treatment, as she eagerly follows the growth in the field of social cognitive therapy. In addition to being a guest speaker at several Social Thinking® Providers’ Conferences, Ann has presented nationally to colleges, professionals, and community groups on a variety of topics including addressing transition concerns, social communication assessment, and peer sensitivity issues. Ann is the parent of a young adult with social learning challenges and brings a unique view of the developmental trajectory involved with social cognitive interventions. As she continues to learn from her clients and colleagues, she is passionate about helping others see through the lens of understanding by exploring the perspective taking spectrum.

Boots on the 'GROUND' - The Basics of Social Learning Groups for Busy School Staff


Certification | 1hr