About Us | XceptionalLEARNING.

Created With Passion. Delivered With Purpose.

We’re a diverse team of speech-language pathologists, technology experts, and designers. We empower professionals, teachers, and parents to deliver a level of excellence in special needs and disability services.

Working closely with distinguished thought leaders, our professional team helps you stay ahead of changing educational landscapes, and build on clinical expertise. We provide you with the highest quality courses and learning experiences.

As of October 2020, we were happy to announce that we are now under the Verge Learning family of offerings - a match made in heaven to serve our special education and disability-focused communities.

Together we achieve more

Our Mission

We believe in quality access for all. Our mission is to empower professionals, teachers, and parents to redefine how special needs and disability services are delivered. After all, technology and learning should help you break barriers, not hold you back.

We extend our mission by:

  • Sharing the latest clinical and ethical frameworks, plus innovative expertise with parents, teachers, professionals, and advocates.
  • Being a global professional development resource.
  • Offering high-quality, practical, impactful, cost-effective online courses, built on evidence-based foundations when applicable.
  • Using technology to empower: We move the industry forward by providing an easy-to-use platform for everyone, from course creators, to school districts and private practices.
  • Supporting leaders and learners in their journey to create, share, access, and apply new ways of helping people.

Guiding Principles

  • Community Focused
  • Consistent Quality
  • Ethical Values
  • Evidence-Based Research
  • Global Vision
  • Innovative Design
  • Integrity

"Our offering to the world is not course certificates - it's priceless guidance to help make people's lives better."

~ Mai Ling Chan, CEO

Meet Your XceptionaledED Team

XceptionalLEARNING was created by a team of visionary speech-language pathologists, technology experts, and designers committed to offering an innovative and robust shared revenue platform for thought leaders to provide high quality online education to disability-focused professionals, educators, advocates, and parents. We’d love for you to meet each of us below!

Nicole Zeno

CSO & Co-Founder

Christie Mayer

President & Co-Founder


Director Continuing Ed